We welcome this morning The Revd. Lindsay Llewellyn-MacDuff as our Celebrant and Preacher.

THE LUNCH HELD FOR FATHER PHILIP AND HIS FAMILY  last Sunday was a happy occasion. A big thank you is sent to the team who organised the lunch and to everyone who came along and shared their generous and delicious food.

DURING THE INTERREGNUM the Churchwardens and Ministry Team will do everything to keep things running smoothly. Each week the Pewsheet will inform you who will be our visiting priest and provide regular updates when applicable.  

INTERCESSION PRAYERS If you wish to add a name to the weekly prayers, please ask the individuals permission and then contact Pat or Morwenna. You are welcome to contact Pat on 020 8300 4348.

THE ANNUAL CHURCH MEETINGS will take place on Sunday 7 April 2019 at 11.30am in church following the Parish Mass.

The Annual Meeting of Parishioners will appoint two churchwardens. If you wish to be considered or to find out more about the position, please speak to Bob King or Carol Martin.

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting will consider the Annual Report and Accounts for 2018 and will elect three new members for the PCC to serve for three years. Nomination papers for PCC members are available at the back of the church. Please return completed forms to Bob King/Carol Martin or Linda Smith, PCC Secretary. Further details are in the March Newsletter.

THE MARCH EDITION OF THE NEWSLETTER IS on the Information table, please take your copy.

LENT COURSE 'WHY DO we...… ? Fr Robert will be exploring the following topics in Church. Week 1 March 13th 'U, please one of the se Incense’; Week 2 March 27th 'Genuflect and Bow’; Week 3 April 3rd 'Light a Candle’; Week 4 April 10th. ‘Ask for the Prayers of the Saints’. Please sign up using the sheet on the Information Table.

BOOK OF PRAYER If you require an enlarged print copy, they are available from the small table as you come in to church.

CTIS LENT LUNCH will be held at Emanuel Church, Hadlow Road. 12.00 - 1.30 on Wednesday March 13th. All welcome

OUR STATIONS OF THE CROSS SERVICE will be held next Sunday 17th March at 6pm